Stuck with a mug in hand

My flatmate once texted me: she’s like a giraffe in a store – wandering around, unable to decide what she wants.

I am a giraffe every day. I wake up in the morning and stare out of the window debating for 15 minutes, what pants I should put on: indoor or outdoor. Indoor trousers never go outside. Outdoor trousers are not comfortable indoors. Because good looking clothes are uncomfortable. That’s a fact.

I go outside every day eventually, but in the morning it’s the same battle. I skipped twice, maybe three times and then I still debated in my mind, when should I go outside. Gaaaad.

Same thing with tea and coffee. In my mind, I allow myself a few cups. Depends on a day, what exactly that means. I stand there in the kitchen, thinking: if I drink now, then I can’t drink later, but later I have this meeting and it would be nice to drink tea then, so maybe I shouldn’t be drinking now.

I hate myself.

The solution to this problem is to yell (in my mind): just choose it. If you regret it later – that’s fine. Stop looking for a perfect decision when it doesn’t matter.

When I was a kid, I would walk in a store and buy an item without researching or thinking about it much. So now I have multiple items I regret purchasing. This led to believing that I make wrong decisions. Or maybe my options expanded significantly: back then it was only one physical store in a small town. Now I am open to everything and anything that is available on Earth and all just with a few clicks.

I keep reminding myself: good enough, good enough, regret is ok. But at the speed I make decisions you could think I’ll live forever.

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