Share or not to share, that is the question

In the world, where people make money from sharing whatever they do with their day, what they eat, buy, think, where for some people things or events aren’t real or don’t bring joy if they aren’t shared with others.

I am part of this world. I post sometimes, but then I think to myself – why? Does this benefit me in any way? For a day maybe. True, it brings some joy and excitement for the day. Especially if there are certain people you want to see your stuff. It’s also exciting to see what your friends are up to today. However, everything can get out of control. Not going to talk about those people who lose their minds, self-worth and even lives when it comes to sharing and being liked.

How do you share your stack of pancakes if you’re not using the social media? Do your pancakes lose taste? Or get better if shared?

If you achieved a personal goal, who you tell about it? Text friends? Phone mom? Post on Snapchat? (or is that just for selfies?).

If you feel good today, is joy enjoyment paused until you share it with someone?

I have my reservations when it comes to sharing. I often think three, four times if this is worth, am I sharing too much, what’s the consequences. It’s still interesting and part of life. However, it is important to share with good intentions. Sometimes Facebook throws back a memory from years ago. Some are warm, true, deep memories. Other times it’s out of loneliness, angst, frustration and those moments are thrown back at me.

I have countless photos in my hard drive, which I take to keep the memories of good and sometimes even painful moments. Every one of those moments is there for me to learn, but not all moments need to be shared.

I am afraid of what others will read into things. The other day I finished my 30 day rewirement for happiness. I told about it to everyone, it’s no secret. Once I finished and felt like real graduation – I stuck with it for a full 10 weeks! Religiously!

As I mentioned some time ago, sharing increases pleasure, even if you’re sharing with strangers. So I wrote a message, added a photo, though about it, scrolled up and back debating if it’s appropriate. Posted it. Not to my friends, not publicly on my profile. In a group of people who did this with me. And I think this felt better. Those were the people who knew what it meant to finish those rewirements. And that support was beautiful…

Funny, I am starting to believe in people again.

So I am pro mindful sharing. Positive sharing. Sharing, when it uplifts you and others. And not thinking too much about it. But also, skipping a post once in a while and maybe share it with someone who really gets it. Or maybe share it later, and be in the present moment instead.

Although I massively simplified the whole topic.

Sharing also has boundaries. I am constantly thinking, that I can’t share this blog… It has too much information, people will read my half-formed thoughts and find out that I am stupid, can’t speak advanced English, I only know the basic stuff and I am not even that funny, just full of insecurities. Oh, that ego and wanting to be someone you’re not. Maybe, that’s the step I need to take to escape my own limiting bubble.

Honesty is one of my values. But not openness. There have to be boundaries for everything because not everything needs to be discussed and judged (yeah, we’re all people and there will always be a lot of judgement where there are things said). Some things are just my personal concerns, some things are only shared intimately between closest people and that’s what makes them fun. Secrets, whispers, private jokes.

What do you ask a person that has already told you everything?

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