I am going to South America! (soon-ish)

I am itching to travel. Not for the escape, not for a break, not for visiting well-known places for a selfie.

I have to go to South America. 2 years ago it was a wild idea and I didn’t dare to buy a ticket. I told everyone I am doing it, but I didn’t. Oh well.

One of the things I wanted to do before I go to SA (I’ll shorten South America), was to find a partner, that person I will share this adventure with. I had to try. And I was still scared to go, so it gave me more time. I got everything I needed and wanted in Scotland, so I settled for a while. I was happy!

Then at some point, there came a risk for all my savings. I got anxious and started thinking of what should I do with my standing bank account. Freaked out! But SA wasn’t a plan then. I was tired, I fell in love with Scotland and thought that I need to buy a flat here. I was burning with that idea and started working on my credit score.

But then it hit me… To travel long term I’d rather not have financial commitments that would tie me to a place right now… Who knows, when I will get a job. Or will I ever want to come back to Scotland?

How interestingly things turned out… Going to SA is now the safe thing to do. Sure, debatable, but that’s very personal. It’s safe to quit my job while I am still young and try something new again and again, many more times. It is safe to spend huge chunk of my savings on something that will form my identity, character and mind. That will change me in some way for the rest of my life. Change that comes through traveling is always a positive one. Again, debatable in some cases and depends on type of travel. But I prefer growth, so I seek the methods that allow me to grow.

If I ever have a big adventure, it has to happen earlier in life. 30-ish is a great age. I did my crazy stuff and now got some brain.

Well, yeah, pandemic might require to postpone my plans. But I hope I won’t have to. Initially, my plan to travel was at the end of 2020. Dear Universe, I am traveling to SA by the end of 2020 and I am spending there 4 to 6 months.

And then I’ll go from there.



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