Climate grief and eco-anxiety

After a little break, a ray of hope that a change is about to happen, Europe is slowly wakening up from the lockdown. And that tiny hope that we can come together and fix the environmental issues if we only cared enough is now dying… Everyone saw how easily we can stop and change the world overnight. Humans are extremely capable to change. Unfortunately, every path is powered by money-hungry corporations, fed by their own ego, desire to be bigger, richer, have more, produce more, make people consume.

Consumption… That’s the current trend these days. UK Prime Minister boris (this is not a mistake) is encouraging everyone to go out and shop.

Weren’t these months enough to see that you don’t need that many clothes? Things? How little they matter? How little standardized beauty and female competition matters? That there are more important, more urgent things to focus on rather than a trendy skirt which will last you a few washes and will end up in the landfill? In our nature… On the planet’s surface just to make you happy with “something new” for a few days. I feel sick looking at the long lines in front of the recently opened Primark stores… People, they sell crap. Fast fashion or, in my opinion, such imagined and very well monetized thing as fashion, does more harm to this planet than flying. No one has too few clothes…

With these thoughts, I ended up watching a video on Youtube about resources we are already running out. Exact numbers were not provided, but I drowned in grief and anxiety… What will the world be when we are finally out of important materials just because we made everything disposable? Companies are no longer creating everlasting products because that’s a bad business model. Everyone knows that apple’s products don’t last more than a year, no one expects any phone to last any longer. Also, how damn cool it is to buy a new phone!

It’s all in your head. We’ve all been globally brainwashed by clever marketing and it’s so deeply ingrained in our brain, that it’s shameful to make decent money and not spend it on stuff. No longer, but I believed that shopping second hand is a sign of low income, being dirty… Now I see it as a sign of utilising perfectly good things someone else could have thrown into a dumpster, but instead, these things, sometimes more beautiful, unique and higher quality than I’ve ever found in any of the shopping street stores, can have another life.

And then you turn off Youtube and see commercials all around you offering to buy more stuff, putting focus on trivial things, feeding and supporting our insecurities, and people buy into that… Because climate emergency is hopeless and scary, and we don’t need more of it. There’s so little you can do…

Yes, recycling won’t solve your problems. But you can buy sustainable clothing that will last you years and maybe decades. You can think twice before purchasing an item: can you borrow it from someone? Can you find an alternative? Do you really need it?

Choose not to support companies that harm the planet, support those that put effort into recyclable products, sustainability, environmentally friendly practices… It’s inconvenient, often more expensive and I am not perfect. And it’s so unfair, that some people swim in their own wastefulness while I feel angry, anxious and hopeless… All I want is to see this beautiful planet before it is completely destroyed by greed.

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